Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., claiming over 100 lives each day. Furthermore, more than 1.4 million attempted suicides happen every year. There are more suicide victims than homicide victims each day. The majority of suicide victims are white males, although the sadness and feelings of hopelessness that attribute to thoughts of suicide can impact anyone, at any time in their life.

A gun was used in more than half of all suicide deaths in the United States. When a person says they feel suicidal or that they want to kill themselves, it is usually not a desire to die but instead the need to end the pain they are feeling. Life can sometimes weigh us down physically and emotionally and it seems that we have nowhere to go from here. But there is hope and help. A person who makes such statements and feels in such a manner feels there is nowhere to turn and a variety of additional emotions.

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Most often, these people simply seek relief from the pain and think that suicide offers that solution. In reality, suicide merely stops any chance of a beautiful future. Everything is temporary, even the pain that seems so overwhelming. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem that only makes matters worse.

Talking about suicide is not easy. Most people do not know where to turn to talk about suicide. It is hard to open up as well. Friends and family always have an ear to lend and words of help and encouragement but it is best to seek professional help as well. There could be an underlying cause that is making you feel suicidal that a doctor can treat. With the help of behavioral therapists san angelo, you can live a normal and productive life.

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